Clear. Elegant. User-friendly. Design matters.

From neighborhood planning to zoning, good design can help get your community’s vision supported and implemented. We specialize in collaborative placemaking, from user-friendly vision documents to simple, graphical codes. Let us help your community become the kind of place that you and your neighbors want it to be.

In the spirit of clear, effective communication, we also design for web/print and create branding for projects or businesses, large or small.

Urban Design & Graphical Zoning Codes

Great places are often the result of a strong vision. We communicate that vision through clearly, elegantly, and compellingly designed documents. Our “form-based” zoning codes are unconventionally concise, user-friendly, and (dare we say) beautiful. When was the last time you heard that about a legal document?

Presentations & Public Outreach

From presentations to community meetings, we try to build trust and consensus among community stakeholders. This is arguably today’s biggest obstacle, and we strive to ensure our work is rooted directly in local culture and character. You know your community best, and we’ll give you tools to make it even better.

Web & Graphic Design Services

A strong, clear visual presence is a persuasive voice for your vision, project, or business. We also offer a full-range of graphic design services, from print to web, content to branding. We’re generalists with a diverse range of expertise, so our approach is holistic—design isn’t just how it looks, it’s how it all works together.